Michael Corleto

20 y.o. musician from maine

Michael Corleto is a Kennebunk, Maine native. Since the age of 10 Michael has always had a guitar in his hands and throughout the last decade he has honed his craft. In conjunction with the guitar he also sings, writes his own music and lyrics, dabbles in a handful of various stringed-instruments, and plays well over a hundred gigs per year. Michael's musical taste is derived from numerous genres ranging from early-blues and classic rock to the bluegrass and mountain music of Appalachia. 


In 2023 Michael recorded and released his debut album, "Sincerely, Your Son" which was a dynamic album with hints of alt-country and rock. Alongside "Sincerely, Your Son" sits his recent February 2024 release, "Good Times 'n Willow Trees" which takes on a more moody and Americana role. Those albums are reachable on every platform and CDs/Vinyl are available in store.


After Michael's recent return from gigging and working on his tan in Key West, FL, he's currently residing back in Maine for another great summer of music. He will be opening for great Maine bluegrass band, "Breakin' Strings" and the highly-rated country legend, "Rodney Atkins". When all is said and done this season, Michael will be recording a bluegrass EP with good-time buddies met while attending Berklee College of Music, Luke Black, Drury Anderson and Teddy Kent. Luke and Drury are Alabama boys currently touring the USA with their band, "The Mountain Grass Unit"


Michael's next big plans for the future include, focusing more towards the folk and "new-grass" scene, and a big move to Nashville, TN in Spring of '25. 

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Interview w/ Shawn p. sullivan @ The Seacoast online

Songs of real, everyday life

Corleto said his first true musical love was the blues and the songs of Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King and others. Then he discovered The Allman Brothers and became a southern country rock junkie, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Charlie Daniels Band, Molly Hatchet and others. He enjoys modern country music artists, as well. In particular, he said he enjoys larger bands that have lots of sounds going on with multiple instruments and dueling guitar riffs.

“The deeper I’ve dug into country music, the more I like it,” he said.

Corleto said the country music genre allows him to write songs about what he knows. Kennebunk, Maine, may not be in the south, but it’s a small town, woodsy in nature, and that lends itself to the genre, he added. Country music is “real,” Corleto said. It reflects normal, everyday life.


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